Can I Skydive In The Winter?

September 30, 2019

Is It Possible To Do A Tandem Skydive In New England In The Winter? 

Yes, skydiving in the Winter is definitely possible and it can be quite serene, however, there are some hazards and conditions you would have to be cautious of when thinking of doing a tandem skydive in the Winter in New England. 

skydiving in winter

It's COLD! 

This some seems to be a no-brainer, but temperature really is a huge factor when it comes to skydiving in the Winter. Although jumping in the cold is possible, from 14,000 feet up in the brisk Winter skies of New England, the temperature is typically 30 degrees colder than it is on the ground. Our Winter's can become very frigid and sometimes unbearably cold, so just imagine, falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour in NEGATIVE temperatures! Brr!

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Up North we see a lot of snow. Landing in that type of environment can often feel like landing in a puddle or it could very well feel like landing on cement, which can be rather dangerous. Snow tends to bring clouds and skydiving without clear visibility of the landing area is a huge safety hazard. 

Skydiving centers in Southern United States are able to skydive year round due to more mild weather conditions. At Skydive Danielson, we'd rather keep you dry and safe during the harsh Winter months. We close October 27th 2019 and open back up April 4th 2020. But not to worry, we have discounts available for tandem skydives during the holidays, which will last throughout our closing period. What's better than the gift of a tandem skydive?!