Can I Bring My Child To Watch Me Skydive

July 29, 2019

Can I Bring My Children To Watch Me Skydive?

Children are always welcome at the dropzone, but some factors might make you think twice about it. With weather delays especially, both the child and the parent can get a little frustrated. What causes a weather delay you ask? Click here to read more about what keeps us on the ground! 

With the longer than expected wait for the bad weather to vanish and sometimes the intense heat, kids get restless and irritable. We do have outdoor games for days like these, along with bubbles, parachute toys and paper airplanes to help distract them from the passing time! 

Is There Anything For Kids Nearby?

In neighboring towns, such as Killingly, there's some indoor and outdoor fun for your kids during weather holds!

  • Owen Bell Park
    Has tails that are dog friendly (if kept on a leash) and the park has both a splash pad and a playground with an endless amount of swings! 
  • Killingly Public Library
    Also another place close by to kill some time. Some weather holds call for spurts of rain, so the library is a laid back place to spend some quality time. They're always holding indoor events and they have a great child's selection of books. 
  • Quinnebaug Lake State Park
    A scenic reserve is an option on those windy weather delays! This public area covers 181 acres in Killingly and is a great place to have a picnic with your friends and family, or to go fishing to kill some time. 

Are There Any Restaurants In Town? 

We highly advise that you don't go out and sit down for a "quick meal". Only because with most weather holds, we never know what to expect. It could at first, look like it could be for an hour or longer and then end up actually being 5-10 minutes and if you are not here, the next available group will go in your place, due to the fact that we need to keep the plane going and catch up with time. 

However, there are so many places that will gladly deliver to our facility. If you wanted to bring your own precautions, you are more than welcome to! We have a nice grill out back and plenty of seating. You can think of it as a campground feel, bringing a cooler, food and yard games is recommended! If you still feel the need to go out and quickly grab food, having a friend or a family member who is not jumping with us, would be your best option!