Brittni's 100th Skydive & Zac Wiley's A License

June 6, 2015

So I finally made my 100th jump this past weekend, but let me tell how I ended up doing it here at Skydive Danielson and why it was so memorable! Skydive Danielson probably has no idea how much they've changed my life. From the moment I showed up in the back of the DZO's car, to the very second I wrote this blog entry. Every day has been an adventure and so much more. The first day I showed up to this diamond in the rough, I was shaking. I had originally planned on surprising my boyfriend by coming up for a visit from Florida; where I had lived at the time. But if you know me, you know that secrets and me get along like the same sides of magnets. It had been over a month since he left me in Florida, to start up his season working at Skydive Danielson and I couldn't wait any longer. I was so nervously excited. After hanging around there for a few short hours, my mind was made up; I'd move out here! I couldn't stand not being with my boyfriend and I fell in love with this warm fuzzy feeling this place was giving me. It didn't take long for me to make friends either. I met the infamous D-Bump, who has an incomparable personality and unforgettable laugh. The amazing owners of the drop zone; Rob and Laura with their bouncy little bundle of joy, Bash! My soon to be office mates; the kick ass Ashley and Princess Jenni. Along with the happiest instructors to ever exist on any drop zone I've ever been to. The fun jumpers themselves are just as inexplainable. I'd need a whole webpage to list all of their awesomeness. After finally having my boyfriends help, I moved up to this quaint little town and truthfully had no idea what I was getting into. As I write this it's officially been a month since I started out here, but feels like it's been forever! They say time flies when you're having fun, I could easily argue that. The amount of memories that have taken over the small space left in my head are equivalent to a lifetime. All within this past week there have been some amazing accomplishments. To start out, I finally reached my 100th skydive! It took a year to get there, but I finally did it. Even if the two plane formation load kind of turned into a zoo dive. One of our fun jumpers Norbert Kovacs reached his 200th skydive and celebrated with a very successful "Mr. Bill"! One of our new jumpers Zac Wiley, who started on April 5th ,graduated AFF and got his A License too! One month down, several more to go! Not that I'm counting. Bring it on 2015!