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 Skydiving In Boston Area


Welcome Boston skydiving customers. Are you looking for a friendly and convenient skydiving center for you to make your first skydive at? Look no further, Skydive Danielson invites you to join us for your skydiving adventure. We would really enjoy pushing you out of one of our airplanes!

Our facility offers the best service and experience available to go skydive from Boston.

Special Features 

  • 14,000 ft skydives - 60 second free fall
  • Large turbine aircraft holds up to 12 passengers
  • Open 7 days a week
  • USPA certified
  • Scenic views of the Last Green Valley

Skydiving In Boston Area- 14,000 FT Tandem Skydive

Trust us - You want to experience a first time tandem skydive from the max altitude possible. Our large aircraft is fully equipped to fly you higher. Adrenaline Junkies look no further -we've got you covered. 

Skydive Danielson

  • 14,000 ft Tandem Skydives
  • 60 second free fall

Other Boston Skydiving Locations

  • 10,000 ft Tandem Skydives
  • 30 second free fall

Skydive Danielson offers almost double the free fall time that you can find from other skydiving Boston locations. Why exit altitudes matter.


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Large Turbine Aircraft - Group Skydiving Events

Skydiving Boston - Tandem Skydive 

If you plan to skydive with more than 2 people you want to choose a Boston skydiving center that has the capacity to handle your group. At Skydive Danielson, our large turbine aircraft holds up to 12 passengers per plane. Larger airplanes give customers a sense of safety and security. 

Skydive Danielson

  • Large, turbine Aircraft - Cessna Caravan 208
  • Capacity - 12 skydivers

For more information: How To Organize A Large Group Skydive 

#1 Boston Skydiving Center

Skydive Danieslon has been voted the "Best Skydive Center in the US" by Blue Skies Magazine 3 years in a row. Jump at a skydiving center that you can trust. Our safety record, customer service and fully trained professional skydiving instructors will ensure that your skydive is nothing short of ah-mazing!

Want to hear what our customers have to say? We hold the highest customer review rankings in all of the Boston Skydiving Area. 

Customer Reviews 

License To Skydive for Boston Area

Learn to skydive in the boston area

Skydive Danielson offers everything that a skydiving student could want. We are open 7 days a week and can help you obtain your skydiving license as quickly as possible. 

Our training program uses the most advanced and safest techniques available by utilizing advanced parachute training techniques and visiting the Indoor Wind Tunnel (SkyVenture NH) before your first solo skydive.

 Learn To Skydive - AFF Program

Read more on our page Learn To Skydive

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Directions To Skydive Danielson From Boston, Massachusetts

Our facility is just over an hours drive from downtown Boston. Our large aircraft and extra altitude will make your drive well worth it.

Map of Skydiving in Boston Area

Have More questions? Read: How To Choose A Skydiving Center Near Me For My First Tandem Skydive.