Ashley's First Skydive

June 19, 2017

I had always wanted to go skydiving but was incredibly nervous to actually do it, if I wasn't working here at Skydive Danielson I might not have ever done it. I was only working here for about a week when I was asked if I wanted to make my first skydive, hesitantly I said yes... but I am so happy that I did! I was probably the most nervous I had ever been, I mean I was about to jump out of a plane for the firs time! The worst part of it all for me was the plane ride up, I don't like flying to begin with and during the 20 minute ride up to altitude all I could think of was what the heck was I getting myself into?! 

Then it happened... the door opened and I felt my instructor moving us forward, I almost wanted to back out but I kept moving. I got to the edge and got my feet outside and in an instant we were gone. That feeling was something I can only describe as astonishing, I felt as if all my worries left me when I left that door. It was incredible, to say the least, the wind on my face was a cool rush of exhilaration that I will never forget. Under canopy I was finally able to wrap my head around the fact that "HOLY CRAP I JUST JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE?!" I couldn't help but laugh about how nervous I was, my instructor Stephanie and I looked out at the gorgeous sky view of Spring in New England and talked the whole way down.  

 Upon landing I had nothing but amazing words to say about skydiving, I wanted to go again but my body was tired from the crazy adrenaline rush I had. So instead I took a quick break before I had to get back to work to get my mind on the ground and you know what, I have never looked back, skydiving changed everything!

I have 8 jumps under my belt now including 1 solo skydive and I am looking forward to the amazing journey I will have in the skydiving world. Not only is the sport incredible but that people you meet and the friends you will make when you come to Skydive Danielson will be an adventure you'll never forget!