Are Skydiving Videos Really Worth The Money?

May 13, 2019

 Are Skydiving Videos Realllllllly Worth All That Money?

 When first time tandem jumpers consider the expense of adding a media package onto the price of their skydive, they start to wonder if it's worth it. But to experience one of the most thrilling days of your life without proof seems absurd. You've captured your first day of school, first school dance, your wedding day, etc. So what makes your first time jumping out of an airplane any different? 




Sharing The Experience

Are you going about your first tandem skydive alone? You'll want to show mom, dad and all your friends what they thought you'd chicken out on. At every family event, someone will mention how awesome it is that you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and it'd be a shame if you couldn't show them the rockin' video and 50+ photos you get with each media package

Sensory Overload 

During every first jumpers skydive, it's nearly impossible to remember what you experienced after all the thrill is gone. Between fears and adrenaline, odds are you wont be able to calm your nerves enough to relax and enjoy the view to it's fullest. When you're skydiving, you're being exposed to so many new sights, feelings, extreme pressure changes, noises, etc. Your body and mind will have a challenging time taking it all in. If you choose to purchase a media package, you'll be able to watch your whole skydive over and over again. Who doesn't want to re-live that?!

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Tips To Look Great In Your Video: 

  • Wear one of our bright and colorful jumpsuits along with a pair of our matching sunglasses
  • Look out at the horizon during free fall so you don't capture just your forehead in your video & photos (helpful hint: it also allows you to breathe!) 
  • Smile big to reduce those jiggly cheeks we are all worried about seeing and don't forget to wave at the camera 
  • Interact with your outside videographer if you decide to upgrade from the Extreme Hand Cam Package to the Pro Package or Ultimate Package! 

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The Media Packages That We Offer Are: 

Extreme Hand Cam - Instructor wears two GoPro cameras on their wrist, which captures a "selfie-style" perspective. You will get 50 plus photos along with an edited video to music. 

Pro Package - You have an outside perspective with a professional videographer jumping separately from you and your tandem instructor. The videographer will have two cameras, one taking photos and one taking video. With this package you will also get 50 plus photos and a video edited to music. 

Ultimate Package - This media package is pretty awesome, you have a total of FOUR cameras on this skydive. Two on an outside videographer and two on your tandem instructors wrist. This package is the Pro and Extreme Hand Cam packages combined. You will get roughly 100 photos as well as an edited video to music. 


Need Help With A Booking? 

We are open seven days a week up until the end of October! Please feel free to call us to book your tandem or if you have any questions at 860-774-5867. You can also easily book online at any time. 


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