Sway Your Friends To Skydive In 3 Easy Steps

December 9, 2015

Knowledge is power

There are lots of stories out there about skydiving and everyone claims to know someone who's parachute didn't open. Don't believe everything you hear! With only 0.003 fatalities per 1000 jumps, you are more likely to come to your demise by a falling coconut, climbing a ladder or being stung by a bee. Read on find some helpful tips in convincing your friends and family to skydive with you.

1. Answer their questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help our customers get answers! Show your friends our FAQ Page. Have a question that isn't listed? Feel free to call us at 860-774-5867 or email us at info@skydivedanielson.com to ask! We get some pretty silly questions, so don't be shy.

2. Think about the end result

When you finally take that leap, what fills your body more than anything is adrenaline and accomplishment.  Skydivers truly understand the concept of living in the moment; it's a feeling unlike any other. The #1 thing that first time skydivers tell us after jumping is that they now feel like they can do anything. No obstacle can get in your way after you have jumped out of an airplane.

3. Book now, pay later

Don't have the dough to go skydiving? When booking an appointment the only money that is required is a $50 deposit/person. That means you can save your money until the day of your skydive. Bag your lunch, sell your cd collection on Craigslist and wait for a few more paychecks to arrive. Convince more friends to come skydive and receive a group discount with 10 people of only $199/person.