10 Things To Do This Summer

June 4, 2018




Are you having a hard time thinking of some cool things to do throughout this summer? Check out these fun ideas! 

Planning things throughout the summer isn't always easy. Whether it's an adventure for yourself or if the gang's all together, check out some of these awesome ideas for some summer fun in the sun. Of course we have to start with the best one, making a tandem skydive!




1. Not to brag or anything but skydiving is pretty much the best and most exciting option for your 2018 summer bucket list, am I right? Not only do you experience the biggest adrenaline rush, you are living your best life! We believe you should live your life with no regrets.  Let us help you push yourself to do exciting things, starting with a tandem skydive. Skydiving is one of the greatest and most memorable moments you will ever experience in your lifetime! Now let's jump out of some perfectly good airplanes! 



2. Everyone loves a good beach day. Whether your'e surrounded with families or you're secluded on a private island, beach life is THE life! Talk about some ultimate relaxation. 



3. New England has some of the most beautiful tourist and traveling destinations. There is so much to see and 100% of it is just GORGEOUS. If you're interested in learning about history, exploring some scenery or experiencing everyday life in small towns or big cities, New England has it all. 



4. Ever wanted to compete in a race or test your physical strength and capabilities on an obstacle course? Check out some local attractions and get your body moving. Forget about going to the gym and being stuck inside when the weather is finally cooperating with us. Stay outside and explore, all while getting your fitness on! 



5. Volunteering will forever be one of the most rewarding and thankful things anyone can ever do. There is always a need for help and giving back. This is something that not only makes someone's day a little better, but you end up doing something wonderful and feeling really great about it. 



6. For the 21 and over crew, wine and paint shops are such a huge hit! You bring your own wine to the majority of these workshops. Friends and family can have a great time, sipping on your favorite wines, while creating something that is hopefully cute enough to hangup back at home! This is also a great idea for a first date, having an activity to do together will help get rid of some of those quiet and potentially awkward moments. 



7. Talk about building up some courage! Anytime you sign up to do some karaoke there's always going to be some spotlight jitters. Kick that nervous bug and get your butt on up there! Life is worth living and there's nothing quite like trying your best to sing all the words to one your favorite Queen or Journey songs! We are sure this will be a memory to last you and your friends a lifetime. 



8. Whoever said Road Trips weren't fun?! There is so much of the world to explore, especially in our own backyard! If you haven't traveled into any neighboring states, we highly recommend it! There's always an adventure around every corner! 



9. Swimming at night is just so peaceful. It isn't something I would do if it involved swimming in the ocean at night, but in a lake or a pool can be one of the most relaxing things a person can do. Especially in the summer when the temperate at night is just right, watching the steam come off the water and just soaking up some late night refreshment is totally the best way to end a stressful day! 



10. Ah, the beauty of the night sky. Dating tip: If you want some brownie points in your relationship, new or old, you better check out those stars with your significant other! That will win them over completely! Or, if you want to chill out and find your center of peace at the end of the day, grab a telescope and check out the planets and stars. Teach a little one about outer space or just zen out for a little while. You deserve to have some down time ... summer time-down time for the win!